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No restart require to apply

- Tower of Priest Floor 7 gate has opened Lv70. ( Solo )
- Tower of Priest Floor 8 gate has opened Lv70. ( Party )
- Tower of Priest Floor 9 gate has opened Lv70. ( Party )
- Grade 60 side & weapons added to F7/8/9. - Cave of Giant Bird (Dungeon 4 ) training style changed to ( 1by1 ) Lv60 with the following monsters:
*Demon Guard
*Demon Guard
*Demon Patrol
*Demon Patrol
*Demon Warrior
*Demon Infantry
*Crazy Demon Warrior
*Demon Defender

Note: The monster spawn will be reloaded to take changes effects.

Update box added to Gift master in Fort [Update Gift].
• Reset done and some changes happen to the root, you have to register again.
• TOP 10 players from pervious version will be awarded.
• Starter package items has been improved.
• Ranking player will be able to view equipped gears by clicking on their names.
• New protect hack has been added.
• The Storyline quests EXP has been reworked.
• The Storyline quests rewards has been reworked.
• Grade 60 gear side and weapons drop-able from the begin.
• Nirvana skills has been added.
• Mystery skills has been added.
• Pve & PvP damages has been reworked.
• PWW damage broken with different weapon grades has been fixed.
• Weapon grades damage broken has been fixed.
• Rebirth, Stone of EXP, Moving scroll, etc added to KALSHOP.
• 7th and 8th mirrors drop slightly increased.
• Tower of priest Floor 6 play style changed to 1 by 1.
• NEW area has been added for MK bosses.
• Doggebi lord drop rate has been decreased.
• Iyler room bosses drop decreased.
• NEW option has been added to Iyler room bosses (random drop).
• Picture of hell reward point has been increased.
• Power stone has been removed.
• OTP stone has been removed.
• 700HP recover has been removed.
• Grade 2 Talisman has been disabled, may be added in later update.
• Ornament trinkets has been disabled, may be added in later update.
• Grade 50 trigrams disabled, will be added in later update. • Fish system rewards has been reworked.
• Old dragon of nail boss system has been added.
• Element changer geons requirements has been removed
• Multiclient limited to be 10 clients per PC.
More than 48 hours after the start of voting, the re-start has been completed and a new start is made again with a new adventure in which we wish success and we will strive to do our best during this launch.

We will start this Friday 29th July at 20:00 GMT+2

We are waiting for you
Castle Siege

Destructing Key Points

Protecting Leader

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